Reflection Week 2: Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Reflection Week 2: Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Social Versus Local Computer Website Bookmarking

Wesley Fryer Ph.D.

After exploring fryers website,, I found many useful ideas. One particular idea that stuck out to me was the idea of social bookmarking. I am always losing ideas and forgetting websites where I have found unique and creative ideas. Social bookmarking is a practical solution that would allow me to efficiently organize useful websites.

Fryer claims that traditional bookmarking is not always desirable as there are many disadvantages such as; limited access and organizational options, as well as limited sharing and discovery options. Fryer presents an alternative, social bookmarking. With social bookmarking Fryer shares that you will have ubiquitous access, more powerful organizational options, and powerful possibilities for discover and location.

With social bookmarking you can access your saved bookmarks on any computer that has access to the internet. This would be handy for teachers so that they could access ideas at home as well as school, even at the library.

Social bookmarking also has better organizational options than traditional bookmarking. Social bookmarking allows the user to tag websites, a more advanced feature than the simple folder system found with traditional bookmarking.

Social bookmarking also allows teachers to more efficiently find information. Teachers can browse other users websites and benefit from the tags that those users have created. This weeds out useless information Google may produce.

Fryers information about social bookmarking is very useful and would be a great tool for any level of teaching professional.


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