Reflection Week 2: The Tech Chicks Tips

Reflection Week 2: The Tech Chicks Tips

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom

After exploring the Tech Chicks website I ventured to an article about different ways to use wikis in the classroom. I have always been very skeptical about technology in the classroom, but this article has provided solid evidence of how students can benefit from this advance.

The article was divided into different ways to use wikis in the classroom and then had different project ideas that utilized the wiki. The categories included; Resource Creation, Student Participation, Group Projects, Student Interaction, For the Classroom, Community, and other.

There were plenty of awesome ideas that any teacher could use. I picked a couple of my favorites! One idea was to create a virtual field trip. The students would research far away places that they would like to go to on field trip and then share images and information about their destination on their wiki. This project would allow students to be creative while working on research skills and polishing their technology skills. There are multiple benefits to this project, all the while students are enjoying themselves.

Another useful idea for a wiki would be a class glossary. The students could compile a list of terms they discover in new units and add the definitions of these words, and even images, to help them remember the words. This would be a wonderful twist to learning vocabulary that would allow the students to organize the words and compile definitions themselves.

Peer editing was also a suggested use for a wiki. The students would post their work on their wiki and other students would read/edit to check for spelling and grammar. This idea would help to keep their ideas and other changes to their work organized and clean. It would eliminate sloppy drafts and help students to track new ideas.

After exploring The Tech Chicks website I have gained a better understanding of how to use a wiki. I have also discovered many creative project ideas to use in the classroom. I found the title to be true; the website gave many different ideas of how this piece of technology can get the kids engaged and promote an interactive classroom.


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