Video in the Classroom

Video in the Classroom

After watching the three videos I think they all had a pretty similar message. Students in today’s classroom are needing a different kind of education than was offered in the past. They no longer are satisfied with the pencil and paper that we grew up using.

The first video I watched made a good point about needing teachers that were willing to learn. It is important that as a future educator I am ready to take on the challenge technology presents. Students that aren’t allowed to use technology in the classroom may not be suitable for jobs in the future. I already feel that I am behind and need to catch up so that my students receive the best education I can give them. Quality education doesn’t just focus entirely on technology but it needs to have a variety of different methods. So I need to be familiar with many different methods such as using glogsters and wikis.

The message of the two videos was that times are changing and we need to incorporate technology into the classroom. Students are becoming digital learners and are very technology literate. So if you present them ideas using technology they may be more prone to really soak up the ideas rather than just continuing using completely traditional methods.

I plan to engage my students by using a variety of different techniques and methods. I will use some traditional methods but I will also incorporate new technology’s to grasp my student’s attention. By allowing my students to use the internet I believe that they will become more engaged in their learning.


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