Week 1: School Technology Solutions, Brad Flickinger


After exploring Brad’s website, http://www.schooltechnology.org/2011/12/29/educational-technology-bill-of-rights-for-students/ I found his Bill of Rights to be very interesting. As mentioned before I am not completely convinced about a lot of technology in the classroom.

This website has several good points that reinforce the idea of technology in the classroom. Number three was especially interesting to me. In the classroom I observed for my teacher aiding experience they used glogsters. The kids were so excited and it was like a special treat for them. They did a wonderful job putting together their information because they had some variety in their daily routine. The teacher was familiar enough with the glogsters to efficiently guide the class into creating their glogster. 

Number seven was also a very good point. I didn’t become very tech savvy in grade school because none of my teachers used it in the classroom. It would be a wonderful skill to start early so that students don’t become afraid of technology. 

I really enjoyed Brad’s Website and it gave me some great insight into different ideas about technology in the classroom. 


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