Digital Footprints

What you post on the internet can basically be seen by anyone. Do you want your future employer or the parent of a student to see pictures from a wild weekend or vulgar status updates? If the answer is no, you need to think about your digital footprint. Some ideas for creating a positive digital footprint are to monitor what you post. I have my grandmother and my mom as friends on facebook. Everytime I question whether or not to post something I ask myself, would I really want my GRANDMA to see this? By doing this I avoid posting things that would offend future employers. 

If an employer were to google or search my name I would hope that they get a positive feel for my personality. I hope my creativity and unique-ness would be clearly displayed. I would want them to see that I have a positive attitude and a good balance of work and play. The pictures they would find would be appropriate and display my love for life and adventure. I also hope that people would find my to be a responsible and trustworthy individual from the information I post online.

My digital footprint is important as an educator because I will be around children constantly. If a parent finds a picture of me out partying they may not want me to be influencing their child and they may feel uncomfortable with someone like that taking care of their child. As an educator I will be a role model to many children and my digital footprint needs to reflect that idea.    This blog was filled with useful tips and ideas of how to clean up or make sure your digital footprint will be a good one. This would be a great website to share with your students. It is kid-friendly and full of tips for the kids to stay smart on the internet. It also defines what a digital footprint is and why it is important. 





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