Week 4: The Clever Sheep By Rodd Luicier

I found the six degrees of connectedness to be very interesting. I related to a lot of them in many ways but I would generally say that I am in the friend degree. I am a very friendly person and am very caring when it comes to others. I am ALWAYS asking people for their opinions or help with my work. I think they collaborator also has some really good characteristics. Collaboration itself fosters tremendous amounts of creativity!

After exploring his site I found another post that related to one of our earlier projects. He had a blog post about 20 uses for wordle! I was lacking in creativity when I brainstormed a few ideas before reading the article. After reading this article I will definately be using wordle in my classroom. Some of his ideas included; turning and essay into a poster, word poetry, converting nutritional content of your weekly diet, and entering keywords from weekly weather reports to obtain a seasonal picture. 

http://thecleversheep.blogspot.ca/2008/10/top-20-uses-for-wordle.html Image




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