50 sites in 60 minutes by David Kapuler

Art Pad

Art Pad is a website that allows you to paint using different brushstrokes on the computer. You could use this site to allow students to paint a picture after listening to a song or reading a book. Students could learn about different brush strokes with this website as well as primary, secondary and contrasting colors




Batalugu allows students to create their own book and share it with friends as well as browse new books. Students can write their own stories and use this website to make the stories come to life!




Bookrix allows you to create your own book as well as a cover, you can upload your own book. This would be a great tool to use in your classroom for writing. This could also be a great accommodation for students with special needs as well. It would allow a different approach to a common writing assignment!



Comic Master

Comic Master allows you to create your own graphic novel. You can add backgrounds characters and props that will appear in your scenes. You can also add dialogue, captions and special effects. This would be a good tool for students to express themselves using pictures. Students are able to print their creations. 



Little Bird Tales

This website allows students to create their own book using their own writing, pictures and voice. Students could also narrate pictures from family vacations or important points in their lives. The audio aspect of little bird tales would be a great accommodation for any visually impaired students you may have in your classroom. 




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